Updated at 01-08-2000 !!!!!                                                                                                                                            


   Nissan has been busy developing a new sports car. Nissan calls this project the

     Z-Project, the car will be available in 2002-2003.

     So ,Enough time to save any penny U got to buy it !!! 


                         Planning :

                                 New Alloy Wheels !


       Specials Thanks To :            My Brother because it's his car, Kristian & Alexander Verhagen , Riccardo Azzolino , Rijk van der Kroon , Inleggerij G.A. Van Der Kroon B.V. Horeca Zoetzuur , Autoshop Brabant Crew Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal  , Nissan 100 NX Club Nederland , Dreamcars , S&G Tuning Numansdorp , Nissan Dealer Bartels B.V. , Nissan Motors Nederland .